Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Away


Yes, exactly how I was able to relax last weekend.

I warned ya, life is slowing down around here and we kicked it off with a weekend of rest and relaxation with just Mommy and Johnny.

It was grand.
I want that every weekend.

It was perfect.
We found a nice little 3 bedroom lodge right on the out skirts of Mineral Point, WI. MapleWood Lodge. Just one lodge, nothing fancy. 3 bedrooms on 26 secluded acres. Total SILENCE.

The lodge was fantastic. It had so many rooms to sit and relax in that John and I could barely decide where to plant our tooshies the first night.

(Amazing Living Room)

Turns out my favorite spot was right by the front door.... 2 chairs, a little table, my books, my knitting, and 2 beautiful windows to watch the sun rise and fall from....

There were so many little quirks too.... I think I spent each day just walking around the house for a little while noticing all the oddities that made it so unique...

And yes... we had TIME. Time to cook the most perfect and splendid breakfast on Saturday morning in this kitchen.......

Eggs Benedict from scratch, YUMMO. I fixed up a little Olive Oil based Spinach Cole Slaw on the side for mine....

Your mouth is watering now right??? I know, mine is too...

We got to go see House on the Rock as well.

We went in the off season so we got a limited guided tour but I am positive that my kids are going this summer... it's pretty awesome. I love JUNK. Just love love love it! Yet, I met a man who loved junk more!

We unfortunately forgot out good camera on this trip but my phone did so-so OK....

(This was in the Women's Bathroom! I coulda peed with the stall door open!)

(Stained glass was present EVERYWHERE)

(Anything Musical is just incredible... After John watched this his exact quote was, "My mind is blown." :)

I swear Alex Jordan did multiple drugs... it was amazing. It's a place you should really see on a daytime adventure if you haven't already :) The only down side was the GUIDED tour. I'm not much of a guided tour fan... sure, it has it's moments, like if you have a question, you do have someone who knows more then you do available for an answer but hey... I have Google on my phone.

SO yeah, summertime it's my goal with the kiddos.... and I'll bring a better camera too :)

In conclusion... relaxation was acheived. Returning to the real world was hard. However, my attitude is much better and I am definintly re-focused.


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  1. Girlfriend, I'm LOVING the new, darker hair! (or does it just look that way in the photo?)

    The trip sounds awesome. You earned every second of the relaxation you enjoyed. I laughed a little when I read, "It had so many rooms to sit and relax in that John and I could barely decide where to plant our tooshies the first night." I think what you REALLY were trying to decide is which room to ravish each other in first! ;-)