Monday, January 24, 2011

That 1 Guy

Soooo..... a friend texted me asking if That 1 Guy came to The Redstone Room, would I come?


Now, we need to drum up a following and about 100 people that say they would come see him! I, personally am going to contact him about doing a small presentation at the kids school as well..... he's THAT amazing.

He plays a Magic Pipe.

We have followed him all over the country and John and I work Street Team for him as well. We've seen him in Florida, Chicago, and Iowa City to name a few. Every performance is awesome. I am in awe of his musical brilliance and sheer intelligence at playing his self-made musical instrument. He's F%^&ing awesome. Period.

You can find him HERE

Here are some pics of us seeing him.....

And if you have time.... here are a few videos of some of his live performances. I HIGHLY suggest watching his "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" rendition. It is lengthy in time but seriously calming music to your ears....

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