Sunday, October 10, 2010


And no, it's not significant to me due to the correlation of the numbers. It's GLOBAL WORK PARTY DAY! You can read more about it HERE. If that didn't work.... just go to and take a look!

Today is the day that Bill McKibben asked people from ALL OVER the world to go to work for climate change. Every country, every person, despite their race, color, or religion. There is no segregation or classes or boundaries when it comes to MOTHER EARTH. We are ALL her children. We need her love and health to continue on this planet. This post goes out to every single person I know and even don't know.....


Now, on to the global work party.

John and I tried very hard to come up with many ideas for this fantastic day.... and we failed horribly. We wanted to hold a class and buy 35 recycled barrels and teach others how to make their own rain barrels and compost tumblers. This failed. We wanted to find 35 people to plant 10 trees each. This failed. We searched for events near us that we could participate in with our children. This failed.

All I saw was failure.

So as I lay in bed this morning.... thinking to myself.... geez, for someone who cares so deeply about this Earth, I sure did FAIL.

Then it hit me... I haven't failed at all.

I don't need ONE day to do something good for the earth. I do it everyday. At least, we TRY every. single. day. to live on this planet in a more earth-friendly way.... I'm sure if you know me or read this blog, you already know the long list of things we do every day to reduce our carbon emissions, produce less trash, and live a more healthy life style. I even have documented struggles with this on my past blog. It is truly a daily struggle to remember to be friendly to the earth as we all live our fast paced lives....

And in thinking all this... I found my global work party that I want YOU ALL TO JOIN ME IN!!!!!!!

Here's the deal:

MAKE ME (and yourself) a PROMISE.

Open your eyes. Get your head out of the dirt. Stop living the lazy, stupid, American way of life. Get your hands in the dirt. Buy a bike. Go get a recycling bin and for goodness sakes, RECYCLE! Plant a flower, plant a tree. Plan a garden for next year. Stop buying your food at Wal-mart and find a local farmer. Get a rain barrel. Compost your kitchen scraps. Read a book about climate change. Talk to your friends about climate change. Buy used. If something breaks, FIX IT! Don't buy a new one. Run your heat less. Install a wood burning stove. Learn a new hands on skill. Take a walk to the gas station, not the car. Spend time outside. Throw away "anti-bacterial" soap and buy BIODEGRADABLE SOAP.Collect your seeds from your garden. Cut down on foods that contain government regulated corn, soy, and wheat. STOP LIVING THE AMERICAN WAY.

You can all do it. Don't be afraid of work. Don't be afraid of hard work. It's not only good for the earth but good for your body as well.


My goal today is 35 comments. I want 35 PROMISES from my friends. I want 35 people to tell me JUST ONE THING that you are going to do to recognize climate change.

Leave a comment here, or on my Facebook status. COME ON PEOPLES!!!!!!! STAND UP FOR CLIMATE CHANGE. Look at your child, or your spouse. DO you want to grow old with them? Do you want to see them grow up and have children of their own? Then this is important. More important than most of you can fathom.

SO make me a promise. In making this promise... you can be a part of this:


  1. I promise to continue the things I do on a daily basis (recycling, using cloth grocery bags, replacing all my light bulbs, using reusable water bottles & travel coffee cups, keeping my thermostat set at 80 in the summer & 65 in the winter (!), wait...there must be more....) Anyway, I promise to try to add more to this list. :)

    Love ya, Sista! Miss you, too! :(

  2. Awwww Chitown! I read about your mini vaca! Glad you had fun! NOW.... schedule one to come here! ;) And thank you for commenting! You're doing a great job! :)

  3. We promise to continue to use our reusable grocery bags (and keep a supply in the car because I always forget to bring them!!). We are also in the process of building rain barrels and planning a vegetable garden. We just bought reusable water bottles to keep at home and work and a filter, so no more buying plastic watter bottles for us! We will continue to only have 1 car between the two of us. I am going to try my hardest to use tupperware instead of plastic baggies for my lunch/snacks for work -- it will be a challenge, but I promise to give it 100%! :)

  4. Dana, your blog is inspiring! I think I'll ride my bike to work! The weather is much better for this now, and it'd be a great work out! Also, we will continue our recycling and I'd love to plant a small herb garden. This will reduce our waste of rotting plants bought at the supermarket..and I will always have fresh herbs to cook with! <3


  5. MaryAnn.... I need to do that too! I have soooo many bags you would think I would ALWAYS have a stash in my car! Lol

    Jessi... You should ride your bike! As soon as John fixes up my bike, I plan on doing that too! :) If you need any gardening tips, just give us a shout out! :)

  6. we will continue to:

    -use our rain barrels
    -use reusable beverage containers & food containers
    -use less plastic
    -use cloth grocery bags
    -use cloth rags for cleaning & cloth napkins for eating
    -buy local when possible
    -eat food that is not produced with chemicals
    -can and freeze food from the garden
    -reduce our consumption of meat
    -shop 2nd hand 8-)

    we plan to:

    -install a few solar panels when we buy a house
    -use less disposable items
    -use less oil by walking and biking more.

  7. Nina! That's kind of where we are! Lol... that's why it was hard to decide what to do!

    And we want to install solar too but not on this house... that's the part that sucks... we have all these plans but have to be careful with money because we want to move! :)