Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Light Florida Post and Pics :)


Springtime brings outside time, gardening, parks, picnics, and our return to our quest of living more naturally...

Until then though, I do have pics from our Florida trip! Enjoy!

We started out the long (ass) car ride with John jumping rope in every state we drove through.... (hey, four kids in a packed car, gotta entertain some how right!?!)

Then we made a stop in Metropolis to visit with Superman for awhile :)

(I like Superwoman's body.... I'll take it :)

Then we arrived at our house we rented which was just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have more pics of the inside but we didn't spend too much time on the inside.... We spent most of our days in these three spots, cooking out, relaxing, and swimming :)

First day was a tad rainy so after visiting with John's sister for the day we returned to the land of video games where the kids had a blast! Duh :)

Then we spent a day at Busch Gardens... I'm not a very "touristy" kind of person but had to check it out for the kiddos... Over all, they enjoyed every part of Busch Gardens :) Zak and Kayla had a blast on the roller coasters they tried, and Zane and Izeah were happy with the rides they got to go on as well! First time for Zak and Izeah to be on a roller coaster!

(do I look tired!?!?!? Why yes mam, I am :)

(Oh wait.... ZANE was tired!)

(Where's Zak?)


Long lost cousins!

We had a few beach days too! Here's me... after a few sweet tea vodka and lemonades :)

We also got free tickets to Adventure Island, a waterpark next to Busch Gardens and this place was awesome! Not nearly as crowded as Busch Gardens, life guards EVERY WHERE, and tons of places to sit back, relax, and watch your kids play!

The last few days we spent a lot of time in our own pool too :) Something to be said about swimming outside in MARCH!

So over all, it was a good trip :) Stressful at times, and the drive was crazy, but good :) Kids all want to move there now (of course) :) Hope you enjoyed the pics!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Good for you!

    John's sister looks a lot like him, doesn't she?

    Glad you had such a great time. Lord knows, you deserved it!

  2. Oh it looks like you all had a good time. Am so happy you did this for the Family! Family time, Warm time (in the middle of winter back home), Togetherness Time!!! Good for you!@
    Funny as it may mom and dad took us (about 7 of us at home at that time so it was a station wagon full) to Tampa, Fla when we were all young and went to Busch Gardens also! How Ironic!!