Monday, May 3, 2010

I have discovered medicine's BLACK GOLD.

Ok, I PERSONALLY didn't discover it... but I have just discovered it for myself and I am currently wondering why I have NEVER heard of it before, and would love to share the news as well...

The "it" I'm talking about is: Ichthammol Ointment. Or as some others refer to it: Drawing Salve.


It's pretty amazing stuff.

Now for the grossness:
I have an abcess right now the size of a large purple grape. We will not say where but just know that it was VERY painful. Like, well.... kind of like childbirth if it was touched.

I've had it for a month too... not as big and as painful but yes, had it for a long time...
So John hands me this cream and says use it, works great.
Asked what it was and he didn't really know... so you know me, miss nurse-i-need-to-know-everything-about-this-cream-I'm-about-to-put-on-my-body self started googling it.

Those are just a few of the results I came up with...
So I decided, what the heck... taking an antibiotic sounds like it's worse!
24 hours later, actually probably less.... It worked.

Done. Sold.

And you know what???? Had I of known of this stuff before? Maybe I would still have a freakin toe nail!!! Someone owes me a toe nail.... even if that someone is really no one but just sayin.

So any whos... couple warnings... Yes. It does stink. BAD. Also, Yes. It literally looks like tar/poo mixed together.

But it's good stuff.

Hope this helped someone!


  1. Hmmm...I've never heard of this, either. But, thanks for tip. Although, truthfully, I hope I never need it! ;-)

  2. Lol... John said my post was "Gross!"... Hope you never need it neither! But it works on things as simple as splinters too! :)

  3. I remember this stuff! It's been around as long as dirt! Haven't used it since I was a kid; but I remember mom putting it on blisters, etc.

  4. You might want to get it cultured and make sure it isn't contagious. Sorry, but staph is nasty and as you said, painful!
    Thanks for sharing about this stuff. Never heard of it!