Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.


Bill McKibben (the author of "Eaarth") is coming here to speak!!!! Only about 10 blocks from my house! And it's FREE! And I seriously love this man right now. He is so freakin' smart.

ONCE AGAIN.... Check him out HERE

Seriously. You guys should go and just listen to what he says. October 17th @ St. Paul on Brady Street.

I'm going.... are you???? :)

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  1. We go to church at St. Paul and were sooooo excited to hear this!! BTW-Have you seen the movie Fresh? You'd love it. St. Paul is doing a viewing (partly in prep for McKibben's visit) on Wed., Aug. 18th. You should come!

    And yes -- so fun that our boys are in the same class!