Saturday, February 20, 2010

Score 1 Karma Bank

Actually.... I should have titled this post, "I must be getting older".

I'm turning 30 this year!

Yep. 30. BIG news in my little world.

With out even trying, turning 30 is starting to affect me... I've noticed in little ways I suppose... I'm even going to write a post about turning 30 and health at some point...


Tonight I felt older in a different way. I went out for a few drinks with a girlfriend havin a rough patch in life.... Nothing big, just us 2 in jeans :) We went to 2 different bars and had a few beers and a few shots. Both of us were relatively sober leaving the 2nd bar.

We come up to this intersection and I see a woman fall down standing on the street corner. She's all by herself, very obviousley drunk. So she tried to get up and falls again. (mind you she keeps falling into a pile of snow too) So I see 2 other girls walking in her direction. Both these girls looked in their younger 20's, obviousley "out" for the night. They both see the woman who fell down... they look at each other, smile, and keep on walking!

So go over and ask the woman if she needs some help. "Yes, please" she says.

SO I grab her by the arm and help her stand. I ask her if she's driving tonight (thank god she said no!) and turn around to ask my friend to grab her other arm...

Long story short, we walked her to a bus she was on. She said the driver (her husband... hmmm, what? makes you think a little huh?) would be out in a little bit and she was just going to crash on the bus...

After all of this I realized what I saw. I saw 2 younger girls who didn't want to be bothered by a woman who was drunk enough (at only 10:30!) to not be able to stand. They didn't take the time of day to stop and help. Not to mention other people had been walking by and I'm sure others saw her too.

But it was nice feeling "older" I suppose for my sake.

I helped a woman who needed it.

I also realized that had she been driving? I might of saved a life.

(oh... and score 1 for my karma bank :) Hence the title!)


  1. You definitely notice more and become more of a caretaker as you get older, at least as a woman... I think it's unavoidable. And actually, I'm totally okay with that. :-)

  2. That's great that you helped someone. It is so hard to go out of our way to do something for someone, a stranger and yet she clearly needed help. And along you came.

    Love the title of your new blog.