Tuesday, July 26, 2011



I feel like talking about boobs today.

It's been on my mind a lot lately.


Well I recently tattooed a voluptuous set on my right arm....

Because of this artwork, I apparently invited others' opinions and let me say this... People LOVE to share their opinions about my Earthen Goddess... some admire it while others revile it.... And the negative comments have even caused me to be a little upset at times, wondering if I should cover her up and doubting myself for tattooing breasts on my arm....

But why do I feel this way? It also makes me wonder, am I raising my children correctly? Am I teaching them about boobies openly and honestly? It also really made me think of how I myself view breasts....

Here are some conclusions I have come to terms with in regards to boobies....

I love boobs. I think breasts are beautiful. The round curvature, the delicateness of the skin, the way they can compliment a figure.... all that makes them beautiful. I also love that breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. There are little boobies and ginormous boobies and all other sizes in between. I notice other females breasts and yes, I admire them. It makes me even more aware that all of us females are still so uniquely different from each other. That difference is beautiful and it's part of what makes breasts beautiful as well....

You know what else makes them beautiful? The fact that they can SUSTAIN LIFE. They aren't just fun bags or sacks of fat. They have the incredible ability to provide nutritious food for our children that we birth. Since the dawn of time, us human's have suckled at the breasts of our mothers. We are born with primitive reflexes, that which one of them is the ability to feed from a breast. They are essential to sustain the human race. I find it mind blowing how important boobies really are....

Yes, I think boobs are BEAUTIFUL. Not just in sight and appearance but also in functionality.

Because I think they are beautiful, I don't hide them from my children's eyes neither. Yep, you guessed it... my boobs are not always covered in my house. Now before you jump to conclusions, no, I don't just walk around nekkid all day long... but reality check, we are a family of 5 that live in a ONE bathroom house, boobs are GONNA be seen. And I personally don't make any gallant efforts to cover them if any of our children are in the vicinity or path of me walking from the bedroom to the bathroom. I have always taught them in this manner.... seeing them should not cause a dramatic reaction. If I do catch them staring at my boobs, we stop and have a conversation about what breasts are and what their purpose is. SO far, they all have the ability to explain to you exactly what they are for.... feeding babies.

I love the sexuality behind boobies too.... Yes, I have many feminist beliefs and among them is that it's OK for my breasts to be viewed as sexual. This sexual allure is part of that initial attraction between two human beings. It can be the beginnings of what brings two people together to want to create a new life through intimate moments. I love the fact that my husband desire's my breasts :) It leads us to share our bodies with each other which leads to a happy and healthy marriage.

So after all the doubt and concern I had over my tattoo.... I realize after breaking it down here that I absolutely, positively LOVE my tattoo. I love the opinions I have received about it, the good ones AND the bad ones. Those comments and opinions have pushed me to really think and articulate just how I feel about boobs. Those very same comments and opinions have also made me strive to teach my children about boobies and the human body in general... that our bodies aren't shameful, or dirty, or something that can't be discussed if they have questions about them.... I hope they grow up into young men that respect a woman's body because their mother respects it in the ways I just stated.

All that from a tattoo.... (Jeesch, I think too much)... but in the end, as my husband has stated.... "Everyone loves boobies!"

Even me.


  1. Ok, first, is that YOUR art? I assume it is, but I don't want to be mistaken.

    Now, the tattoo. By now, you probably know me well enough to know that my problem isn't with the artwork, it's with the tattoo! (Ok, I guess I shouldn't say "problem" since, shit, it's YOUR body, do whatever the hell you want to it! I have no "problem" with what YOU do to your OWN body.) I just don't care for tattoos in general, whether it's boobies or anything else. I would LOVE to see that beautiful art on a canvas, framed and hanging on a wall, or even on a great t-shirt. Hell, I might even wear one! But, that's just MY opinion. ;-)

    On a side note, DAMN that must have hurt!!

    Oh, and screw those people who think it's their duty to tell you what they think about YOUR body. >:(

  2. I like your tattoo. I too think about boobs all of the time now. No boobs tattoo'd on me, but trying to learn to live with my new boobs.