Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Follow the Scenario That Makes Sense to You

I said I was back to blogging and I totally meant it! Yes, it is hard to find the time to do it most days but I'm going to start making that time now :)

So as I've been reading and watching even more documentaries on this impending crisis unfolding in the world, my mind is sort of "stuck" on what I need to take from of all this information, as well for all of the MIS-information out there too.

Finding accurate information on these topics, mentioned in the post prior, can be difficult. I am, after all, just one small person in this GREAT BIG WORLD. I have no special clearance to government information. I haven't went to college to study economics, physics, anthropology, biology, etc. I'm also not God. I can't predict what will happen to the future of the world. (Side note: I wouldn't want special clearance from the government because I wouldn't want that responsibility, nor the dangers from knowing information that is powerful. I also would love to go back to college to study these topics but due to rising cost of education, I can't afford to, probably never again in my life time.)

So I do the best I can with what I have. I have a moderate intelligence level. I have a library and the capability to buy books. I have the Internet. Plug in a Google search for "Peak Oil Crisis", "Climate Change", "Fossil Fuel Extinction", and the result will be endless amounts of information. Some of the information is good, some of it is bad. The hardest part for me, reading all of this information, is finding out if the writer is reputable. This weighs in heavily for me. Is it just some lunatic writing to scare people? Is it a qualified scientist that has spent years studying facts? Or is it someone like me, who is still trying to figure their shit out?

Irregardless, I read and read and read. Now, I may be a newbie to this but I have come up with 4 scenarios that I could see unfold here, which are 4 in MY OPINION, coming from all this information out there....

1. Lets start with the big dog. Let's say everything we read about Peak Oil is dead on correct. We will run out. This will lead to rising costs of oil (which is in and used to make EVERYTHING we have in modern day society), which will lead to poverty, which will lead to the break down of American Society as we know it. This in turn will lead to the governments of the world fighting over what is left of our oil, to try to sustain their own well beings as a nation. This will lead to War. We have big weapons now. We have nuclear weapons. If a nuclear war came to fruition, adios. There is no us, there is no plants, animals, etc. The world would be gone.

2. Ok, lets take Peak Oil at fact again, yet get rid of the nuclear war aspect. We run out of oil. This will still cause massive breakdowns in every aspect of our lives. Everything around us that is NOT from the earth will suffer. There will be no more cars, no more travel, no more roads, no more mass produced food, no more electrical systems, no more water systems, etc. etc. etc. Most people will fight internally for the power to have these things. Society will breakdown. Hunger, starvation, disease, and death will ensue to those who are ill prepared and non-educated. We will be thrust back into "Little House on the Prairie" days in a very short time.

3. We will discover an alternative fuel method (And all though we may discover a new method, it is now conducive that this method be "green" due to the "Climate Change" problem we are also facing). Yet, our lives will still drastically change. This new method has to COMPLETELY take care of everything that oil once took care of. This new method must take the place of not only what we use to travel with but also what we use to MAKE all these things we travel with or use in daily life.

4. Life is fine. Oil is going to last forever. We will keep carrying on just as we always have. Climate Change is a myth, so is the economic crisis. Everything will work out in the end.

Those are the 4 scenarios I think about when thinking of this situation. There are many more out there still, I just don't have the time or space on this blog to write each plausible scenario down. It's endless.

So which scenario do you chose to believe in?

Here's my own personal breakdown.

Number 1. If this happens, I'll say good bye to the world, just as the rest of us will most likely do. I am neither prepared nor knowledgeable about how I would have my family and myself survive a nuclear war. Nor am I going to start building some amazing bomb shelter that I could supposedly live in for a very long time to ensure survival. In my opinion, survival of this is impossible, given the unknown facts about radiation poisoning and nuclear winter.

Number 3. I say good luck with that. I would be accurate in saying that all nations combined have the best minds available working on this solution as we speak. And to date, no one has the answer. I know my husband personally holds to the hope that we will figure out nuclear fusion soon. I would love to hold on to this hope as well, all though I believe our lives will still change drastically.

Number 4. Are you living in a cave? No wait, just your own personal happy place. So be it.

Which leads me to Number 2. This is the scenario that I wonder if it will pan out in this way. Out of all the scenarios, it is the one that I could see happen. Maybe not in my life time, maybe in my life time, whose to say? Either way, this is the scenario I chose to look at as valid, in some way shape or form. It is the reason I have put myself on "education" survival mode. Nope, not stock piling supplies in some secret retreat place. Nope, not saving gold for fear of financial collapse. Nope, not hording food in the basement to feed my family. I think education is the best form of preparation for if this scenario happens. The Rule of Anyway is how I think about this one (more to come on this rule later).

So there is my rational and breakdown of some of this information I am taking in. Maybe some of my friends reading this will think I'm nuts, maybe not. Either way, it doesn't hurt to keep reading right?

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